Friday, 27 July 2007

Know your onions

Our wet conditions have finished the summer onions very early. They have not had the necessary time baking in the sun to ensure good storage through to March.
Urgent action was needed as the onions sat in soggy ground, prey to rots and slugs.
I lifted all of the onions and am placing them outside on the warm patio on any dry day we get: two this week!
For all that they've finished three weeks to a month early, the constant rain certainly bulked them up. The heaviest weighs in at 12 ozs with the average weight being a much more useful 6 ozs.
Now it's time for patience as the drying process can't be hurried and will only be complete when the stalks are golden and crispy. At this point, their stems will not bruise and allow rots in when being strung.
Onions on strings store better than storage in nets because there is better circulation of air around each bulb. I will show the technique on a post soon.

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