Monday, 15 October 2007

Bootiful 'mums

If allotments have a signature flower, it must be the chrysanthemum.
Often for sale in laybys, gardeners earn the money for next years seeds by selling generous bunches of 'mums to passing motorists.
Okay, the purist may say that these blooms have had their petals spoiled by rain, but what splendid flowers!
I don't know the name of this variety of chrysanthemum, but I love 'em! They have been grown continuously on Leapool allotments since the war. They are happy to have their stalks trimmed down as winter approaches and can then be transplanted to next years flowering position. The mildness of recent winters has meant that no protection of any kind has been needed. In spring the first shoots appear and then they reach their majestic best in October.
There can be no finer cut flower. The stems are strong and the flowers remain intact on the stems indoors for a couple of weeks.
While those without gardens must purchase their flowers from supermarkets or florists at considerable cost to the environment, we can sit back with a feeling of smugness.

Satisfying and carbon neutral.

Bootiful 'mums!

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