Friday, 16 November 2007


Knob celery or Rastafarian turnip!
Celeriac is a root vegetable with unappealing looks and so not available widely in supermarkets. But it's easy to grow and tastes great!!

We sowed seeds in the spring, grew on until strapping seedlings and then dobbed them into the soil.

They like full sun - but rough luck this year to them! Still, they struggled on and have achieved a tolerable 10cm diameter.

Next year I'll try and make sure that they get even more organic matter in the soil and I'll try to draw the earth back from the roots to trim some of the tangled upper roots to achieve more of a regular, tennis ball shape.

But, here's an another advantage - they get better after a dose of cold weather, brings the sugars out and makes them even more welcome in casseroles and soups.

The leaves, although strong in flavour, are great as a garnish and enjoyed by bantams. A definite for next year.

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