Saturday, 23 February 2008

february ..... waiting for proper gardening

There's a sense of everything waiting to begin down on the allotment.

In the foreground broad beans and green manure field beans are coming through winter well.

Brassicas have been up to their usual tricks. Why can't we grow decent brussels? But the early purple sprouting broccoli is looking strong, but not yet ready to crop.
Spinach is finishing - but that is a bonus for the bantams who enjoy reaching up to peck at it as it hangs from the roof of the run. Great necksercise!

The next job is to prepare the potato bed. Last year we moved to this raised bed system but didn't feel that worked for potatoes. It wasn't the best use of space. So, there is a mountain of well-rotted compost ready and as soon as time allows, this will be incorporated into the soil and the whole turned into potato paradiso. Lots of potash rich organic matter into the soil and then the earlies go in. And then ------ rows of dark green leaves emerge from the soil and the feeling that spring has sprung.

Growing potatoes - proper gardening.

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