Thursday, 20 March 2008

stop the pigeon

Planted out in the summer, purple sprouting broccoli should be ready to harvest now.

The plant sold in supermarkets throughout the year as 'broccoli' is actually another, similar member of the cabbage or brassica family called calabrese.

True broccoli is a tall plant and the florets appear in March. They are tangy and have a much better flavour than calabrese.

Like most brassicas, they are loved by wood pigeons. The wonderful iridescence around the neck of the wood pigeon is attributable to his high intake of the vitamin packed broccoli florets he has been eating.

So, netting is a must to prevent damage.

Or, you could net as I did. And provide a superb landing platform for flocks of pigeons who can sit comfortably and peck my hard won crops away at their leisure.

Makes mental note to raise netting to avoid damage in future.

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