Thursday, 6 March 2008

whichever way you slice it..

In 1978 there was a bakers' strike. That's when I started making bread - and I've never lost the fascination. The smell of baking bread is uniquely satisfying. And shop bread is always a poor second best!

The old days of using slabs of yeast or reactivating granulated yeasts to make a sponge did make the job slower and the results would often be less consistent. But in these days of powdered yeasts that are added directly to the flour it is so easy.
This is a wholemeal with loads of seeds (sunflower, poppy, pumpkin plus some pine and crushed walnuts) and a couple of spoons of organic honey.

Six of the best!
Robs top six tips on making good bread:

  1. start by making the dough too moist and add small quantities of flour until it is soft and pliable
  2. keep the dough warm at all times
  3. never make bread if you are in a hurry - the watched loaf never rises!
  4. even if you use a bread maker to mix the dough, use proper bread tins and always bake the loaves in the oven
  5. cover the dough in the tins with a moist t-towel to prevent the surface drying
  6. a lower oven temperature makes softer crusts
Now get baking!

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