Saturday, 26 April 2008

big fat queens

These exotic erythroniums were planted in the autumn and have flowered this spring. for the first time. They benefit from the shaded conditions of the 'woodland path' section of the garden which does not get full sun. The area has a good covering of mulch to retain moisture and to suppress competition from seeding weeds.

Those heralds of spring, our migrant willow warblers, have arrived back this week and their cascading song can be heard from areas of scrub. They remind us that gardeners should be doing all they can for their garden wildlife. Early flowers, such as erythroniums, are a great nectar source for insects like our native bumble bees. Big, fat queens are buzzing around looking for nesting sites on sunny days. They are completely harmless and bring great benefits to the garden.

Will try to find time to make some bumble bee homes this weekend.

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