Tuesday, 27 May 2008

hanging around

Over the past few years, English houses have become much more colourful in the summer with the fashion of using hanging baskets.

There have been hanging baskets and pots outside houses for many years, but now, they have become very common.

Holidays to Brittany, France, two decades ago were a revelation, with all villages decked out in marvellous red, ivy-leaved geraniums.

Our English tradition is to go for much more diverse planting. Here geraniums, surfinias and a host of other baby plants grow on in the greenhouse.

The advent of the dripping water systems on a timer has made life so much easier too, as have little innovations such as moisture retaining granules.

We have stuck to our principles and used peat free compost. It doesn't retain the water or nutrients as well and so our baskets may struggle as the season goes on.

Already out are patio runner beans and strawberries.

Soon to join them will be tumbling cherry tomatoes.

All we then will need is a little summer warmth. I've got the heating on today!

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