Monday, 5 May 2008

if paradise was half as nice........

Phew! A sweltering spring day - and ideal growing conditions.
There was rain overnight and the ground was good and moist this morning. Today, the temperature was predicted to rise to 20C. You can almost hear the plants straining to put on height and leaf.
Under cloche protection we have been steadily planting out batches of early peas 'Feltham First'. Our third and final successive sowing went into the ground today.
Fleece cloches provide protection from frost and wind. They also provide protection from pests that are outside the cloche. The conditions inside are warm and humid. The soil is warmed and ready when the seedlings go in - and they race away.
Don't forget to water plants under cloches - they can become dry.
The picture shows what must be 'pea paradise'.

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