Sunday, 11 May 2008

in my single bed

This spell of beautiful weather has brought everything on. The salad bed (built last year as part of our garden redesign) is up and running again.
Here, a range of tasty salad crops are coming on well.
The salad bed works well because it is easy to maintain. It is not too wide and it is raised so that one does not have to stoop too much.
It is very close to the water butt and so journeys with a watering can are short.
The dataree, of course, is a boon. It enables beds to be maintained as weed free very easily.
And the whole thing is covered by a cloche, which creates an excellent micro-climate for speeding-up growth.

And finally, the distance from the salad bed to the kitchen is five metres. People talk in food miles, not food metres!

Fresh, seasonal, organic and ultra-local!

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