Wednesday, 14 May 2008

rock music

The patio area was missing something. What was it? There are pots of plants aplenty. And lots of room for sitting. A chimeniere is there for burning waste wood and to give us something to contemplate as the stars come out.

Ah, yes ........ the sound of water trickling through stones and rocks.

So .... enter ingenuity.

an old pond pump
a used builders' bucket
a plastic salad tray thrown away by the greengrocer and turned over
and stones and rocks from the garden.
Sink the bucket so that its top is just above soil level.
Place the pump in the bucket; cut a hole in the salad tray for the pond pump to send its water through; fill the bucket with water; pile the stones and rocks on ........and switch on electricity (from green supplier).
Job done! Trickling water.
Here it is in the process of being made.

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