Sunday, 22 June 2008

reflections of..

Looking down into the contents of a bucket, your blogger reflects on liquid feeds.

Liquid fertilisers have the advantage over solids because they are instantly available to plants.

Organic liquid feeds are easy to make.

Those nasty perennial weeds that can't easily be composted: couch grass rhizomes; bindweed roots; dock tap roots - can all be bunged into a bucket and submerged in water to create an excellent all-purpose feed. Leave until the plants have broken down.

That is what is pictured. I left this in its enclosed bucket for ten months. Vintage stuff! Dilute it down to a weak tea colour and apply with your watering can.

Don't get your fingers in it - it may take a day to scrub away the pong!

If you want to give your fruiting plants, such as pumpkins and tomatoes a boost, try a liquid manure made from comfrey as it is very high in potash.

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