Friday, 20 June 2008

thymes they are a changin'

You might remember that, at the end of March we formed a new path and decided that, on sandy soil and in its dry and sunny position, that herbs would be most useful and thrive best.

Well, here we are in the middle of June and the plants are all doing well.

I have added a variegated sage and there are several small thymes grown from seed that are due for planting out.

It's all too green at the moment. Later in the season, the thymes, marjorams and oreganos will be ablaze with purple flowers and buzzin' with insects.

I was hoping that we could add some extra colour - then spotted a 'volunteer' clematis (viticella Polish spirit I guess) growing in the path.

So - colour and a an obstacle to jump over on the way to the greenhouse with two full watering cans. Perfect design.

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