Friday, 29 August 2008

fig tree victory

Back in 2006 I spied fig trees for sale in one of our favourite gardening catalogues. I have tasted fresh figs in Spain and France and they have no equal. I must have one!! A fig tree duly arrived. This was before the garden redesign began and the fig sat forlorn in its pot on the grubby patio throughout 2006.

It has been in its sheltered position soaking up the afternoon sun since spring of 2007. It has stayed in its pot because figs like to have their roots constrained. Last year was not a good year for anything and certainly not for fig trees. No bumper crop!

Will it be barren again? Was i being hopelessly optimistic? I waited expectantly and I was delighted to spot lots of small figs this week. With luck, they will stay on the plant overwinter and make delicious figs in 2008.

The tree will overwinter in the unheated greenhouse. Apart from that it will not get any special treatment.

Hopefully I will be pampered with figs this time next year!

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