Sunday, 7 September 2008

reasons to be cheerful?

These are uncertain times. We will learn over the coming months whether sustainability itself is sustainable in times of economic downturn and political pressure.

I wrote last month about the inevitable impact of loss of economic confidence on the sales of organic food. As sure as eggs are eggs, this month saw a double digit fall in organic sales in Britain. This is depressing news was inevitable. The organic movement has been winning the argument but has failed to win the hearts and minds of 'Joe Public'. My heart goes out to the thousands of producers who have invested everything in organic ventures that will founder before this depression ends.

Wildlife too, will feel the chill winds. Once again, maximising food production is a priority. We will return to making massive inputs onto marginal land in the name of profit.
Hedgerows and wetlands look out!

And again, as predicted, UK ministers are once again raising the issue of GM food. Surely it has its place if it reduces food prices? comes the cry. Battles we thought we'd won will have to fought again.

Oh yes, it appears that without debate or public outcry, a new programme of nuclear power stations is about to be built.

In this blog I have railed against the UK' government's lack of environmental vision. Now news has reached us about the US Presidential election. Our cousins in the States now have the choice of a future president who does not believe that climate change is the effect of man's actions.

So, within a few months everything has changed. These are truly uncertain times. With economic pressure against us, and political denial of the causes of global warming, the poor old Earth looks set for a further prolonged beating..

'What about our overcrowded land, how much more abuse from man, can she stand'?

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