Monday, 20 October 2008

the fife diet

Sometimes you hear or read something that makes so much sense, you wondered why you hadn't thought of it yourself.
Listening to BBC Radio 4's 'Food Programme' today I heard about 'The Fife Diet'. This is not another of those crackpot schemes to lose weight, but a scheme in which people in Fife, Scotland undertake to eat as much of their food from producers in Fife as possible.
The result? A halving of food bills and the chance to eat great, fresh food that hasn't been jetted in from the ends of the earth.
How inspiring!
Loads of challenges as you would expect. Lots of local food production but no sales locally are typical of the way the food chain in the UK has developed.
But the 'Fife Diet' has led to an unlocking of some local food supplies. Could this work in my own county of Nottinghamshire? Could this be a template for sustainability of food consumption/production in the future?
I would love to hear from others in our great county of Nottinghamshire who would be interested in this.

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