Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Over on the other side I describe an unhappy encounter with Italian spinach.

But let us not disparage one of our great green leaf vegetables. Spinach is more sinned against than sinning.

You've got in mind to cook your tea and wonder what to do. Out in the garden, glossy and turgid stands a beautiful, erect bed of spinach.

A Greek oven baked tortilla or omelette comes to mind......

Bang the oven on and stick some of your homegrown potatoes in.

Quickly out and pull several fresh spinach leaves. Back inside with a wash and trim of the thicker stalks. Chop it up, wilt it with homegrown leeks and garlic in a pan. Cubes of feta cheese. Chopped fresh mint out of the garden. Beaten bantam eggs and grated Parmesan on top.

Baked in moderate oven for thirty minutes or until cooked. Spuds ready too. Beer - and 'Dinner's ready!'.

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