Monday, 6 October 2008

storing apples

The heavy apple crop presents us with a problem: storage.

Readers of this blog will know that I have a yearning to press my own apple juice as one response to the seasonal and perishable glut we have at this time of year. Perhaps another year.

Well, another storage idea came up on BBC Gardeners' World last night. I have always stored apples wrapped in newspaper. This new idea came as a bit of a surprise.

What is suggested is that apples are stored inside plastic bags that have been punctured with a pencil. The confinement within the plastic bag, it is said, gives just the right amount of humidity to preserve the apples perfectly. The puncture holes give ventilation.

The key point is to ensure that no apples are bagged that have the skin broken or any bruising. Each apple must have its stalk too - rots will enter anywhere they can and spoil the whole bag.

So, here goes. Another new idea. It will be interesting to follow the apples progress.

Those stored this time are Greensleeves.

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