Sunday, 18 January 2009

Broccoli and Blue Stilton soup

I was grumbling on about how miserable it is in the garden last time.

But I've been reminded that there is much we should be proud of when we grow and eat our own food. Like today's chunky broccoli and Blue Stilton soup.

Lurking down in the depths of the freezer is some of our produce saved and frozen from last year. Here's a small bag of broad beans, there's almost a pound of early purple sprouting broccoli that has become crushed. We still have stored onions and are still lifting carrots. And what's this...? A piece of frozen Blue Stilton cheese - the tastiest cheese in the world and produced locally!!!!

So, ready........ steady........ cook!

Onions and carrots diced and cooked slowly in butter.

In with broad beans and then the broccoli.

Stock powder and water and simmer.

Once cooked through, whizz with whizzer!

crumble a heaped teaspoon of Stilton into bowl and add soup.

Oh my - a chunky winter soup that is power packed with flavour!!!

Finish with a two hour walk in Nottinghamshire's beautiful Clumber Park.

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