Monday, 16 March 2009

new potatoes

A spell of mild, sunny weather has warmed the mid-March soil. Compost has been spaded onto the ground to be incorporated by worms.......... We are ready to plant our first early potatoes.

We have tried many different varieties of potato and have settled on Kestrel or Osprey as our favourite second early and Pink Fir Apple as our favourite (if wayward) maincrop salad potato.

This year we are trying Sharpes Express as our first early. Other varieties of first early have just not achieved that happy combination of flavour and texture we are looking for. So Sharpes Express, a good old variety, has been recommended and will be tried this year.

To get get a good early crop we have covered the ground with fleece. This should keep the soil warm and prevent frost damage when the foliage comes through.

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