Saturday, 28 March 2009

recommended peat free potting compost

My search for high-quality peat free potting compost was given a boost by the broadcast of BBC Gardeners' World last night.
The experts from Which? Gardening have done trials on the range of peat free products available and recommend:

  • New Horizon Organic and Peat Free grow bags
  • New Horizon Multi-Purpose Potting Compost
  • Westland Earth Matters Peat Free Potting Compost
They also said that composts were less effective if the compost was old. This is worth remembering because we tend to buy large bags that will then sit, opened, waiting to be used up over several months in the greenhouse .

They tested peat free composts and found that they were better for the later stages of planting than peat based compost.

Well done to new presenter Toby Buckland!

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