Friday, 3 April 2009

the green shoots of recovery

I've waited eleven months or so for this moment and at last it's arrived.

Last spring, during our garden redesign, we had to take the decision to move our apple tree. Just the wrong time when the tree was in leaf. But it had to go to create space for the breakfast patio.

So, I dug it out and dragged it across the lawn to its new home on the other side of the garden. I bunged in lots of water and granulated chicken manure pellets. And watered and watered until heavy rains arrived to do the work for me.

Steadily, the green leaves fell away until the bare tree was left over winter. Would it survive my brutal treatment? Every time I wandered around the garden I searched the tree for buds. And today we have one! there will be lots of dead wood to chop out eventually, but I hope that the tree is now safe and well and we can look forward to a happy future together.

Never have the green shoots of recovery been so warmly welcomed.

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