Monday, 19 October 2009

our allotment achieves honour

For organic growers, our first priority is the health of our soil.

No artificial fertilisers, no pesticides or weedkillers.

Plenty of organic matter through mulching, the application of enriched compost and animal manures and the use of green manures to ensure that fertility is built up and not washed away.

Another strand of this 'love your soil' ethos is to limit the amount of soil disturbance to encourage worm activity.

Worms = fertility. They aerate the soil naturally and emit a gel that is a powerful, natural fertiliser.

So, there was a whoop of delight this week! All my efforts were validated ..............

..... by the arrival of a mole. He could have chosen any allotment to disturb - but it was ours he favoured. Moles love worms. Our soil is full of 'em.

Nature's equivalent of being honoured by the President or the Queen!

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