Sunday, 21 March 2010

I discover buried treasure!

One of the few green manures to have made it through the winter is trefoil.

It was well-rooted and took a pugnacious hoeing technique to remove. As I was chopping through I had a surprise. A full packet of biscuits had been buried in the soil!

I have already reported the success I am having attracting moles, rabbits and rats to the allotment. Now add to that Mr Fox.

When foxes discover food they don't have time to eat, they hide it away until it is needed.

An allotment holder must have sat down for a well-earned cup of tea, only to be distracted by a stray weed that had settled into his patch.

In my imagination he had got up to pull up the weed, leaving a steaming brew and a pack of biccies. On his return, you can imagine him scratching his head and cursing his failing memory.

'Did I bring a packet of biscuits'? 'I'm sure I did'.

I see him sitting down, brow furrowed, sipping a hot cup of tea that was the poorer for having no accompaniment.

All the time, cunning Mr. Fox had seen his chance, nabbed the biscuits and hid them in our patch.

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