Monday, 29 March 2010


Small gardens can grow big crops of fruit.

In 2003 we planted the first cordon dessert apples on our allotment. They are now well-established and provide us with fruit from August to April.

In 2008 we added two more, this time cooking apples: Nottinghamshire's famous Bramley seedling was one.

And now, in 2010 we have added two self-fertile pears: Emile d'Heyst and Invincible. Pears do not have the same keeping quality as apples, and so might be considered less useful than apples. But these varieties should be cropping through to November and so although we won't be able to keep them, it should mean that we eat fewer of our apples that do keep well, thus extending the season for our own stored, organic fruit. And fresh pears are wonderful eating!

Our cold winter has dragged into a cold spring. I am hoping we get to see apple blossom as lovely as this within the month!

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