Monday, 14 June 2010


We have another week of the asparagus season to go - and this has been a good one for us.

Home grown, organic asparagus is very special and although it seems to appear in almost every meal we eat at the moment, it is so fine that there are no complaints from this end!

Our supermarkets do stock British asparagus these days - but the waste in the system still disappoints.

We grow and eat our own, so incur negligible transport costs and make no inputs other than organic matter as a mulch on the soil.

Even British asparagus incurs significant 'food miles' as well as the high energy inputs of fertiliser, pesticides, weedkillers and farm machinery. Commercially, many spears are rejected because they have twisted, opened or have blemishes - meaning further waste. I hope that they are used for something!

On the 21st June we will stop cutting spears and allow them to grow into the beautiful asparagus ferns.

Asparagus is a reliable crop and is recommended for any garden.

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