Thursday, 24 June 2010

grow brussels sprouts

I can't grow Brussels Sprouts!!

Every year, I put in the preparation and anticipate a steaming bowl of sprouts with my Christmas dinner.

Every year, for the last few years I have had no crop and felt dismal. I fed the plants to my bantams.

Imagine my excitement, after Santa had been this year, when he left me a bulb planter! Let me explain the part that I hope the bulb planter will play in my search for the perfect seasonal Sprout.

Brussels like a fertile, very firm ground in which to grow.

I trod the ground down last week and gave it a good jumping on today.

I then bored holes in the surface with my new bulb planter and planted my baby Brussels plants and firmed them with my fingers. My bulb planter allowed me to create planting holes without loosening the soil around the holes. I have to be firm about this.

I then planted my baby Brussels and then finished with organic fertiliser, a good handful of lime and a generous watering.

And now wait until Christmas!

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