Sunday, 20 June 2010

fun in the sun

A sunny and very warm day in June.

Where better to be than working the soil and enjoying the fruits of all the hard work put in over spring?

Our phacelia was humming with bees in the sunshine today and I took a few moments to watch them. Here's a couple enjoying the benefits of our hard work!

I had not realised that bumble bees mated in this way. I had pictured swarms of bumble bees chasing a queen in the manner of honey bees.

This male frequently returned to this female to mate. I need to learn more about bumble bees.

Currently attracting bees on our allotment:
  • phacelia
  • foxgloves
  • calendula
  • comfrey
  • borage
  • aquilegia
  • broad beans
  • peas

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