Friday, 29 October 2010

five hundred posts - and a new beginning..

500 posts on this blog since beginning it in 2006.

The blog began as we were starting the redevelopment of our home garden but quickly drew in the work we were doing on our allotment.

Perhaps this 500 figure is auspicious: we completed today on the purchase of the site that will become home and garden over the coming fifteen months. We have sold our house (subject to contract) and are buying a six acre site that was a former mushroom farm on the edge of Nottingham. This is what we call in the UK a 'brownfield' site - one that was formerly used. In our case we have over 8000m2 of concrete and hard-standing to clear, nearly three hundred metres of fencing to put up along an unsecured boundary and have no services on site. We plan to build two bungalows on the site which we will share with my sister and her partner. I have said previously on this blog that 'a man likes a project'!

We expect to leave our family home in January 2011 and live in temporary, rented accommodation until March 2012.

Between now and then, we must prepare the site for building, agree plans for our new homes with architect and planners, put together plans for landscaping .....and much much more.

In future this blog will not only cover allotment gardening but accompany us through our home building and the site development.The theme will, once again, be sustainability and living in harmony with the environment.

I hope that you enjoy the ride!

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