Saturday, 16 October 2010

late bees on phacelia

Linda reports very active bees over at Bees and Beyond. Her hive is rammed full of bees with lots of evidence of young bees - a good sign that the hive may survive winter and get off to a vigorous and productive start in the spring.

We are in mid October and the sun is getting paler and the nights cooler. This is the time of year when gardeners are tempted to tidy or think that the gardening season is over.

As our first early potatoes finished in June we sowed phacelia. This is partly because we hate bare ground but also because we wanted to provide a food source for bees in the autumn.

Today was a mixed day with sunshine and showers. But through it all, the phacelia was alive with honeybees. Pictured could be one of Linda's bees on the phacelia flowers today.

'I love it when a plan comes together' Hannibal Heyes - The 'A' Team.

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