Thursday, 24 February 2011

privet hedge

Work on site now begins.
Poplars along the boundary have been removed and we have also had a crack at reducing the height and width of the 300metre hedge that is mainly privet (ligustrum japonica).
Privet was a popular and cheap hedge used sixty years ago and has soft, creamy blossom in summer. In its advanced state of neglect it is also used by roosting birds and we watched as a group of fifty goldfinch explored the trimmed hedge, wondering where their overnight refuge had gone. It is, however, an unlovely thing and we hope to add other plants to the hedge to improve its interest over time.
Now, piles of cuttings (brash) are stacked around the site. Our current plan is to bring a professional chipping machine onto site and then to reduce the huge piles to chippings that can be used around the garden as a mulch. I'm not sure whether privet chippings will be toxic and damage plants? Must find out.
To help wildlife we are not giving the entire hedge the treatment meted out by Linda here. A thirty metre section will be left for birds.

NB The sharp-eyed among you will note that my operative has left the ear defenders hanging usefully on the hedge. She had her pay docked as a punishment.

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