Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Top ten blogs!

My advice to you last week was not to coincide two of the most stressful events in your life into one week: dismally moving home and telling staff team, children, parents and governors you are leaving.

I guess I could add to this advice not to have a children's disco's on the Friday after school too.
I felt like a sucked and spat out smartie at the end of it all. But those kids had fun and I did show to myself that despite a stiff knee, I still had some of that sinuous grace that has been commented on so many times in the past. I say I showed myself because an observer described my 'moonwalk' as more closely resembling a man trying to remove mud from boots.

So, comatose and supine by Friday evening I tapped into the iphone to see whether anyone had been looking at the blog and was puzzled to find a number of people arriving from The Ecologist magazine website.

I was surprised to find myself listed number 2 in an article about the top ten gardening blogs chosen by their writer!!

And this was ahead of amazing and respected blogs I've dipped into for years like the North American 'Cold Climate Gardening'.

Blimey O'Riley!

The good news (in case you think this has become a moanfest) is that we have moved into our little rental house and the upstairs is now like home. Just wish the roller blinds I put up at the weekend didn't fall onto me when I pull the cord to close them!!!

Can't wait to live in the house I built!!!

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