Friday, 11 March 2011


Saturday came with perfect hedge planting weather - cold and damp. There was intermittent drizzle throughout the day - weather our Scots friends would describe as 'dreek'.

This weather was perfect because it made the ground damp for planting - but not so wet that we couldn't continue.
So my hearty thanks to our fantastic team: Jill was in charge, leading Jenny, Trev, Roger, Judith, David, Adam, Rebecca, Matthew and me.
A special mention to mum and dad who (now into their eighties) were in there with the rest of us.

We planted 1200 little bare rooted bushes into slits, firmed them in and nipped the tops of the stems to encourage bushy growth.

I had brought a large amount of fish, blood and bone organic fertiliser which proved very frustrating for the salivating and nose-popping dogs that were drawn to it on the other side of the fence.

With enough time we will chip the poplar branches and use this as a mulch to seal in moisture on this dry and sandy soil.

Nine hundred hawthorn whips were joined by a mix of three hundred hazel, holly, spindle, gelder rose, field maple and blackthorn - all local to the area. This should make for a stunning, wildlife friendly hedge when it is established.

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