Sunday, 20 March 2011

leek and squash soup

Recent readers of this blog may be forgiven for thinking that its theme is the arcane worlds of hedging and amateur forestry.

These are a slender strand of what I blog about, but today I return to one of my main interests: growing our own food and eating it.

Leeks are still growing in the allotment and Crown Prince squash are still on the shelf. A real highlight of early autumn is the uncovering of gorgeous duck egg blue squash from beneath a thick undergrowth of squash leaves. Crown Prince has a rich, nutty flavour and stores brilliantly well.


wash and dice leeks and a big lump of peeled squash
heat unsalted butter in a large pan and gently saute leeks and squash with pan lid on
(but stiring frequently)

add three teaspoons of buillion stock powder
add boiling water and simmer.

When all is tender, 'whizz' it up.

Home made bread to accompany and you'll have a silky smooth soup bringing the warmth of autumn to the early spring.

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