Saturday, 26 March 2011

splitting snowdrops

Snowdrops have finished flowering. It is time to split them to improve vigour and to increase the number of flowering plants.

We discovered a patch of snowdrops around a tree at Mushroom Farm and lifted and separated them. We replanted some where they had come from but brought the remainder to the allotment.

Here the ground is better and we can monitor them more easily.

I hoed the ground over and then forked in well-rotted compost.

I then split the clumps into around fifty little clumps and planted them.

After our house move we found granular fertiliser that we must have used for hanging basket feeding sometime in the past so I sprinkled this on and then watered copiously.

The hope is that the plants build up their strength so that we can transplant them to their new home ready for flowering next year.

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