Monday, 4 April 2011

hedge mulching

At the weekend we mulched our new hedge to conserve moisture and limit competition from weeds.

The cost of mulching fabric was greater than the cost of the little plants and seemed to cut against the grain of our low impact ethos.

So, a timely call from Niall saw us filling the trailer with spent compost from his raised vegetable bed. A trailer full of well rotted horse manure was also used and in total we mulched about 120metres of the hedge. Many aching barrow loads were pushed uphill and one beastly barrow had a small wheel, resulting in jarring stops as it discovered every pothole on the uneven route. But the result should be worthwhile.

We hope that this cossetting will see the plants through their first year and on into a vigorous and lengthy life.

Next weekend we will attempt to put all of the privet branches and cuttings and the branches of the felled poplars through the shredder.  This will involve lots of dragging branches with scratching and bending and stretching.

All volunteers welcome!!!!

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