Sunday, 24 April 2011

a second swarm

Now seven weeks at least since rain.

Blossom billows from hedgerows and the temperatures are in the early twenties.

Perhaps this explains the exceptional behaviour of the bees. The original hive had one swarm which was collected successfully and (after one attempt at abscondment) is now settled in its own hive. Very surprising then, when the original hive produced a second swarm 'as big as a football' according to Trev.

So, the area set aside on site for hives was hastily brought into action and here, our intrepid beekeepers and without ceremony, bang the cardboard box holding the swarm so that the bees fall into their new home.

Too early to say how successful this new colony will be, but the site appears perfect for their needs.

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1 comment:

LKW said...

Yikes, seven weeks without rain. That doesn't sound good (or 'normal' at all).

I had to resort to my C° converter (via Google) to find out that 20°C is quite mild (at least for us), but perhaps it's a heat wave for you in late April?