Sunday, 10 April 2011

shredding privet

The hottest day of the year and I'm passed a helmet, visor and safety goggles that smells like a ferrets armpit.
It's the day of our 'chipfest' when we put all the privet hedge cuttings through a commercial shredder. And hot it was too. But rewarding too as we steadily  turned the mass of privet 'brash' into tons of shreddings.
Here we show that it wasn't only men at work.
Privet shreddings are toxic and so the huge pile will be left to compost for a year before being used as a mulch to seal in moisture and to keep away weeds.
This time the team was Jill, Judith, Linda, Trev, Roger, Judith, Sarah, Becky, Mum, Dad and the man behind the camera ...proving once again that 'many hands make light work'!
And once we had all worn the helmet, no one seemed to mention that ones head smelt like a tramps vest in August.

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