Wednesday, 18 May 2011

dividing primroses

The wild primrose (primula vulgaris) flowers from the darkest days of winter through to May. It is a plant of the woodland floor and its flower is my favourite and provides a welcome nectar source for early flying insects.

Wild plants must never be dug from their natural setting - we bought ours many years ago from a nursery and they have seeded naturally or been propagated by division.

Next spring I would like our new woodland areas to be studded with these pretty primroses and so the work to achieve this starts now.

Primroses have finished flowering and so they can be lifted and divided as shown in the photo.

Each clump contains many small plants which I separate using a sharp knife, retaining as much of the roots on each division as possible.

These divisions are planted where I can keep them well fed and watered as they build up their roots.

I hope to be able to transplant them to their new position in the autumn.

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