Tuesday, 7 June 2011

a small price to pay for progress with scale division or chippings.....

As some of my gender become older, they do become odder. I've observed this.

Fortunately I am not tainted with this weakness and stand as a beacon for others to guide themselves towards. As if to confirm this picture of myself, Shabnum described me (jokingly) as her 'guru ji'. I have always had a half-formed picture of myself in later years emulating the great Indian leader with little hair and dressed in nappy masticating brown rice between wizened gums. Ooops - I digress.

For the record, it is normal to keep slivers of snowdrop (galanthus) bulbs in vermiculite inside a tied plastic bag. Ones T shirt drawer is an obvious place to keep these slivers in the dark as they each develop their own tiny bulb that will be nurtured into a snowdrop to flower beautifully in two or three years' time.

This grainy photo shows that the system works. The tiny bulblet is curling away from the basal plate.

Okay, the bag does lend a certain earthy, mustiness with a hint of decay to otherwise clean clothing, but that is a small price to pay.

Isn't it.


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