Friday, 8 July 2011

seed collecting

My seed collection is growing and you will see from an earlier post that we already have seedlings.

After seeds are collected they are dried on the window sill and then placed in their own labelled paper envelope, ready to be broadcast sown or sown into seed trays for more controlled germination.

The collection is limited and consists mainly of native wildflower seeds: white campion (silene alba); bladder campion (silene vulgaris) and red campion (silene dioica) are all locally seeding wild members of the carnation or pink family. They will be tremendously valuable in enriching hedgerows and woodland margins but importantly provide nectar and pollen for bumble bees through their flowers and are a vital food source for specialist moths with their foliage.
I also have hay rattle (rhinanthus minor) and bluebell (hyacynthoides non-scripta) as well as a growing collection of other seeds.

Some of the seed will be used in our new garden, but others will be used for 'guerrilla gardening'. I will scatter seeds in areas where I think the area will benefit from a extra colour and wildlife interest!

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