Sunday, 28 August 2011

with a little help from our friends...

We took ownership of the site we now calll 'Cordwood' in November 2010.

Although progress has seemed frustratingly slow, we have had fences erected on the Lamins Lane and Crimea Plantation boundaries; tamed the front hedge and whupped the long privet hedge and chipped the mountains of 'brash'; planted a 290 metre double row mixed hedge; created a 'nursery bed' for the shrubs brought from our former home; begun to clear the birch wood undergrowth;  broadcast or plug planted foxgloves, red and white campion, hay rattle, bluebell and bee orchid seeds; cleared part of the boundary hedge of encroaching weeds and almost cleared the 'hidden orchard'. As well as putting our building plans into the planners.

And we wouldn't have got anywhere near this work done without our band of volunteers.
We are looking forward to working with Gavin and his team of garden assistants soon and to Trevor and the Brackenhurst College students who will do their chainsaw training on our overcrowded trees in the autumn.

So, far above and beyond the call of duty our special thanks to Mum, Dad, Linda, Trev, Dave, Sarah, Matthew, Zoe, Beccy, Adam,  Stuart, Jan, Mike, John and the kids, Ad and Jen for giving their time so generously.

Everyone who has helped tells us how much fun they've had and as the photo of Roger, Beccy and Adam shows, quite a lot of time is given to necessary rest stops!

Lots of people have kindly offered to help us recently, so we have got our selves better organised now and give over on the right dates when we will be up at Cordwood and welcome the help of family and friends.

Pictured ... mum and dad in action!!!

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