Saturday, 19 November 2011

tree work after one week

One week into the tree work.
 Trees in the area where 'Waxwings' bungalow will be have been felled; sycamores competing with the beech tree have been removed; sycamores competing with two limes have been removed and a sitka spruce that was crowding a magnificent Atlas Blue Cedar has been felled.

Silver birch that have colonised the gaps between the old mushroom sheds are being removed.

Logs have been stacked in a wandering line to mark the area where building work will take place and to protect the roots of remaining trees. And the brash has been chipped and put into piles.

Looking forward to tomorrow when we can continue to remove and log silver birch, pile brash for chipping, prepare ground for the storage container and do some tidying.

It's all go!!

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