Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Woodland garden - manure gathered in!

This Saturday (weather permitting) will be an auspicious day .... we plant the first new plants in our woodland garden.

Trees have been pruned or removed.

Ground has been cleared of weeds, logs, sticks and piles of rubbish.

I've already listed the plants we've bought for the first section.

And we've done a planting scheme and roughed out the area for paths with logs.

And yesterday we brought in manure to use to enrich the soil when we dig our planting holes.

So, a family planting session is planned for Saturday. It is going to be brilliant!!! Or very wet!

Photo of middle of border in the twilight. With manure in piles. Ready.


Jayne said...

Hi Rob
if you would like some sedum spectabile for woodland planting email me
jayne at jcmiddlebrook dot co dot uk
Jayne :)

Rob said...

Sorry we dipped this weekend Jayne. Perhaps coming Sunday?