Tuesday, 14 February 2012

rhs members' seed scheme 2012

As a child, my letter to Santa would be written and then posted up the chimney, borne upwards by the heat from the coke fire.
Always with the promise that, if I was good, the jolly fat man would deliver presents from my list on Christmas morning.

Those days are far behind me, but eager anticipation awaited my letter to the Royal Horticultural Society before Christmas. Seeds from some of our favourite plants collected in the RHS gardens. Surely, it doesn't get more exciting than that?

So, we went through their catalogue and ticked the packs of seed we were hoping they would grace us with in the New Year. And just as with the approach of Christmas morning, the time seemed to drag.....

But waiting on the door mat today, as we returned from a long weekend visiting gardens in Cambridgeshire, was a fat envelope with packs of seeds!!

I just can't wait for March when we can get them planted!!!

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