Sunday, 11 March 2012

the tree nursery takes shape


Some days, all those preceding aching hours and days of slogging away seem to suddenly achieve results. Today was such a day. A transformation took place.

We were working in the shaded corner of the Cordwood site that will become our 'tree nursery'. This will be the place where we hope we can 'bring on' small trees and shrubs for use elsewhere on site in the years ahead.

In future, the trees and shrubs will be used, leaving a few pretty conifers to grow and create what we are calling our 'Pinetum'.

Today the sky was an azure, cloudless blue. The woodland birds filled the air with song. And a big old group of us laughed and chatted our way to continue to clear the ground of the tree nursery, to create a meandering log path and to weave a 'fedge' of willow harvested from elsewhere on site.

Not finished yet. More ground clearance to look forward to..... over 100 metres of shrub and tree border to plant in front of the close boarded fence (where on earth will the plants come from???) ....

..... but couldn't have been happier with the day.

This weeks helpers:
Jim, Dad, Trev, Mike, Sue, Mal, Andrea, Eunice, Lesley, Wendy, Mark, Sarah.

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