Thursday, 12 April 2012


Compost making is at the very heart of good gardening. And our soil is so poor that it needs as much compost as we can pile into it.
So, in line with best organic practice I've built a series of compost bins and collected compostable material to layer up like a gorgeous, warm, slowly rotting lasagne: grass cuttings, cardboard, bracken, weeds, manure, kitchen waste, the stuff from Becca's rabbit hutches ....
Having got plenty of ingredients I was ready to cook..  I decided to begin by shredding the bracken using the electric mower.

I grabbed my first handful of bracken .... and disturbed a robin and discovered her nest of five eggs hidden inside my bracken pile. Hmmmm. Two weeks of incubation and a further three weeks before the chicks fledge.

I think I'll begin composting in around a month from now!!!!

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