Sunday, 10 June 2012

extending the cedar walk

The two seventy feet tall Atlas Blue cedar trees that dominate our eastern boundary with our neighbours have given the name to the garden beneath them: the Cedar Walk.

The walk is a meandering path through what is a tree and shrub nursery of small plants we hope to bring on in future years for use in other parts of the garden.

Over the weekend, Judith and Roger brought a new burst of energy and first a car full of plants bought on a visit to Cae Hir gardens, then a trailer full of plants from their own garden.

The new arrivals have been planted in a bed that is at the end of the avenue of birches close to the Cedar Walk. And then, with blood glycogen still high, they cleared and extended the entrance to the Cedar Walk and mowed encroaching weeds.

The old tarmac service road that was part of the old mushroom farm separates the Cedar Walk and the avenue of birches but this will be cleared by our contractors.

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