Wednesday, 27 June 2012

vegetable garden

The vegetable garden has continued to grow and we have around two thirds set out as raised beds.

Now we have removed the worst roots with the digger, each bed has to be forked over to remove smaller roots and some of the stones. Then three barrows of manure and two barrows of leafmould are forked in before we plant the bed, finally adding calcified seaweed to encourage mycorrhyzal growth which will aid our plants roots.

This area will become a vegetable garden as herbaceous perennials and shrubs are moved from this area into the new gardens around the houses. It is more of a garden nursery at the moment, bringing plants on in readiness for the autumn of when we hope to begin work in the new gardens.

We have, however, planted half a bed of leeks (variety Musselburgh) in the vegetable garden. Leeks are planted now and will be harvested in the autumn and through to April. We would traditionally plant our leeks on our allotment, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with the allotment, the six acres of Cordwood and the gardens of our current home and that of our daughter. Something is going to have to give .. and that, sadly, looks like being the allotment...

Here's a photo of leeks studded with pot marigolds (calendula) taken on the allotment three years ago. I'm hoping that our Cordwood leeks will look as happy.

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