Thursday, 5 July 2012

the northern fruit group

There are hundreds of organisations that serve gardeners, full of expertise and passion for their particular interest.
Here in Nottingham, we are at the southern border of the Northern Fruit Group - dedicated to all things fruity that happen in the north of England.
Now, they're mainly Yorkshire folk and so can be forgiven for disdaining such frippery as websites and email addresses but I always eagerly await their little newsletter. I commend them to you.

And, of course, I read the newsletter and make notes so thought I'd share them with you..

 Northern Fruit Group Newsletter no. 59 summer 2012

A pippin is an apple of which we do not know both parents.

Blenheim Orange - the best dual purpose apple being a cooker up to Christmas and an eater in the New Year.

Ribston Pippin - 'the finest apple in cultivation'..

Black mulberry - 'the most delicious thing you can grow outside the tropics'.

Maxi crop seaweed extract successfully used in top and soft fruit production with little and often being best application. Stimulates beneficial microbes in the root zone, increased chlorophyll levels, stimulation of natural defence mechanisms and increasing resistance to stress factors ( drought, temp changes, wind, pests and diseases). Also increases small hairy roots.

Recent trials have indicated it is better not to mow orchards as longer foliage benefits beneficial invertebrates e.g. Lacewings, spiders, dragonflies and ladybird larvae.

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